Your Leadership Story

Let the Gift of Struggle transform your outlook on how you can lead



Learn from the gift of struggle, these moments shape and transform us.


Your Story

Identify, embrace and cultivate your own stories of struggle.



Create a path forward to connect your story and your philosophy with your company and community.

“Greater leadership has everything to do with how well you learn and apply what your own struggles have to teach”

Bobby Herrera

Decide Your Leadership Story

The Gift of Struggle will challenge you to answer 3 questions you must know to become the Leader you imagine:

Who am I becoming?

Lessons about leadership are forged in struggle.

What is the invisible force that drives me?

We can only become who we want to be when we embrace where we’re from.

Am I giving more than I’m taking?

Increase your vulnerability and share how your struggles shaped how you lead with purpose.

What Other Leaders Are Saying
About This Book

Alan Mulally

Bobby’s story teaches us that ‘who we are’ will have a most significant influence on our leadership effectiveness in creating smart and healthy organizations delivering for the greater good. Thank you Bobby

- Alan Mulally,
Former CEO of Boeing and Ford

Shari Harley

It’s refreshing to see a CEO so committed to create a winning culture. Bobby walks his talk and has created the type of organization everyone wants to work for. The Gift of Struggle – a fun and easy read - will help Leaders create a winning culture.

Shari Harley,
Author of How to Say Anything to Anyone

David Horsager

Bobby has a razor-sharp understanding of the most important fundamental of Leadership – building Trust with the people he leads. There are few leaders seeking to lead, serve, and genuinely pay it forward like Bobby!  

- David Horsager,
Author of The Trust Edge

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