We all struggle.

Your struggles start immediately. From day one it’s a common thread in your story. Regardless of your circumstances, struggle will be with you regardless of the mountain you’re climbing.

Every struggle teaches us something. That’s the gift. That’s why I wrote this book. Each of my struggles ultimately taught me something. Through those lessons I discovered struggle is the currency of progress. Unfortunately, most people want nothing more than to rid themselves of any sign that struggle exists. So we keep them hidden or pretend we have none. What if you changed that and instead viewed your struggles as a source of empowerment? I understand it can be counter-intuitive. But could it be part of the plan? Is struggle simply a form of preparation for who you’re becoming?



I wrote this book because I believe Leadership is sharing those gifts.


Becoming the leader you desire can be daunting. You imagine becoming a compassionate leader who cares deeply about the people you lead and you get things done in a manner that builds community. Reality is, most leaders muzzle their struggles and pretend all is okay on the outside. All while the struggles inside test your endurance to continue.

In that confusion, you can forget how drawn you are to a good story of struggle. How you’re inspired by the lesson, the gift, that story shares. It connects your heart and your mind.

Lacking role models who lead with heart, it’s fair to question the safety of sharing your struggles. The downside, this allows the wrong part of us to win in the court of compassion. The head wants to be right and the heart wants to do what’s right. Can you lead with both?

Students of struggle know that when they hide their struggles, they teach the people they lead to do the same. They understand it’s hard to trust someone who hasn’t struggled – and trust is the most important asset we will ever own as a leader. I want you to view struggle in a new light. My hope is that my stories of struggle inspire you to view your struggles differently.

You have more potential than you realize. Become a student of struggle – pre-order the gift of struggle. There has never been a greater need for compassionate leadership.

Pre-order the book and become a student of struggle.



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