2019 was a wild ride! This year, I published a book–a goal I had never even dreamed of achieving. The Gift of Struggle has allowed me to connect with so many people and share my story in such a vulnerable way. And beyond that, Populus Group experienced some major growth! For all the adventures 2019 brought, I’m grateful.


Today, I want to share the 5 most popular posts on my blog–a trip down memory lane with the different content I’ve shared and the people who’ve collaborated with me!


5) 5 Questions to Self-Assess: Are You an Average Leader or Intentional Leader?

Are you an average leader or an intentional leader?

What does it mean to be an intentional leader? Most articles would tell you it’s about aligning your inputs to the outputs you desire. Most articles give advice about modeling the behaviors we seek in others. Which is great! But my humble opinion is that most leaders need to lay the groundwork for their behaviors by looking inwards and asking some important questions. Read more >>>


4) Everybody Struggles: Josalyn Aponte

Josalyn Aponte shares her story of struggle. She is a real estate agent and U.S. Army veteran.

My struggle began before I was born. My mom married an abusive man at 15 because she was pregnant with my brother. She believed staying with that man was the right thing to do, but when she was 8 months pregnant with me, he hurt her again. She thought she’d lost me and that was the final straw. Read more >>>


3) 5 Things I Take on Every Business Trip

5 Things I Take for Business Travel

I was on a business trip in the late 90’s. At that point of my leadership climb, I was a road warrior racking up the miles. I still bought into the notion that more was better and it wasn’t uncommon for me to visit two cities a week. I remember the exact moment the sexiness of travel passed. Read more >>>


2) Book Announcement: The Gift of Struggle

Your struggles start immediately. From day one it’s a common thread in your story. Regardless of your circumstances, struggle will be with you regardless of the mountain you’re climbing. Read more >>>


1) Everybody Struggles: Andrew Harrell

Andrew Harrell shares his story of struggle.

I was wounded in Iraq on December 18th, 2006 from a 107mm rocket that landed 8 feet away and took 5 inches off of my right femur. I struggled with survivor’s guilt as on of my partners, Captain Kevin Kryst, was also hit and died next to me on the operating table. Recovery and staying active duty was a struggle, but I retired as a MSgt/E8 after 20 years in the United States Marine Corps as an Intelligence Operations Chief. Read more >>>


Thank you for following along this wild journey with me! What’s your favorite blog post from 2019? I’d love to know in the comments below!







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