The launch of my book, The Gift of Struggle, has further crystallized for me the power of kindness, and the fulfillment we get when we Give.


Detroit Gift of Struggle Launch


Over time I’ve changed the way I share my story. I’ve learned that if you can tell a story in a way that helps the reader become or connect to the main character, something powerful happens. What I want people to understand is that your story matters. It matters to you, and it can help others on their journey. We all want to check the same box, we all want to know:


Did my story matter?


Earlier this summer, we had some book launch events for The Gift of Struggle. It was a special way to connect with the community we’re building and share stories from the book. Three moments from the last month that are helping me check that box:


1.  Buying a meal for a man who changed my entire perspective 33 years ago.

When I was 17, a kind act from a basketball teammate’s Dad (Mr. Teague) taught me that one of the most important parts of leadership is seeing and encouraging potential. His good deed gave me Purpose (more about that here). You never know how much your actions can impact others. 

My brother Ed and I enjoyed a wonderful meal with Mr. Teague, his wife Nancy the day of our Detroit book launch event. Full circle moment!


Bobby & Herrera Mr. TeagueNancy, Ed, Me and Mr. Teague


2. Telling “The Phone Call” Story

In Chapter 4 of the book, at the Seattle launch event in front of my wife, Roslyn. It was the first time she sat in the audience when I spoke. The happiness on her face has made the struggle worth every gift it delivered. We all have someone whose been by our side through the struggle and encouraged us to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Tell them how grateful you are.


Sharing the story of how we met, in front of my wife Roslyn for the first time (front right). 


3. Help People Discover Their Gifts

A young man from Seattle, who was also born on the wrong side of the opportunity divide, sent me a note to share how reading the book helped him reframe his struggles. I called him and learned that he’s in the beginning stages of his entrepreneurial journey. He now sees the purpose of his story in a whole new light and it’s energized him to make an even bigger impact. Want more for them than from them.

And of course the heartwarming notes that keep coming in from Students of Struggle. Stay tuned! I’ll be sharing their stories so it helps you take control of yours.

Choose Your Impact!



  1. Janice Jones Wilson

    Hey Bobby, just received a copy of your book. I’m half way through it. It has some good stuff in it. Ideas I can use in my school. So proud to call you my friend.
    Love, Janice

    • Bobby Herrera

      Thanks so much, Janice! Hope you enjoyed it!


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