The Gift of Uncertainty by Bobby Herrera, CEO of Populus Group


Reality has taught us that the most difficult things in life end up differently than planned and we struggle with that logic. Perhaps it’s the stress and anguish of uncertainty when the unexpected occurs?

As we do our best to manage the uncertainty of current times, I offer up some questions I’ve reflected on deeply in the last week that may serve your leadership as well. Or, at a minimum, help your strength and perspective.


1) How is this uncertainty helping me understand who I’m becoming?


Uncertainty forces us to think about this question with more depth, either intentionally or intuitively. These last few weeks, the values we uphold have faced the test of truth.

What did you learn? Is there an opportunity to clarify your purpose? To align it with more action? To redirect?

Consider this: we’re all writing a chapter in our story right now that won’t have a title for some time. Your actions and choices today will determine its title–is it a beautiful part of your story?


2) What is my family learning from me during this time?


I have two families–Team One and Team Two. Team One is more important; my familia. However, I also love Team Two, my work familia. I love them enough that they know they’re #2, and I openly ask them to see me in that same order.

Both are watching every move I make, my choices and my words. Do my actions align to what they know of me when times were more certain?

This is where we impact future chapters of their stories. They will handle this crisis with the grace, gratitude, and perspective that you do.


3) Maybe this was part of a grander plan?


As unfortunate and painful these times of uncertainty are, there’s always good that comes from it. It’s hard to see during the struggle when we’re all praying for those less fortunate.

The first time I remember asking myself this question, I was 18-years-old and only three weeks into boot camp. That’s the moment I started to re-frame my struggles.

Now, I believe there are no accidents and we’re all part of a bigger plan.

What will be the reset for you? Is it more time at home? More focus on family routines and traditions? Changes you’ve been forced to make in your work?

Whatever it may be, my observation has been that it’s usually areas where intentions don’t match the actions. When they align, life is how we imagine.

I’ll end with this quote:

“It is how we embrace the uncertainty in our lives that leads to the great transformations of our souls.” -Brandon Trean

God Bless the story you’re narrating during this time of uncertainty.


Give > Take,


  1. Michael Croix

    Thanks for the reminder Bobby! I hope you and your families are well.

    • Bobby Herrera

      They’re great, Michael! Wishing you and yours well!

  2. Renee Peace

    Forever changing perspective. There is always something to learn. Thank you for paving the way.


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